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Summer Holiday Fun – thwarted! (Temporarily…)

ImageToday was the first day of the school summer holidays and I had big plans for my day with Mook and Lulu – sadly, the day didn’t go quite as planned…

An emergency visit to my dentist, on-the-spot extraction of a wisdom tooth (no one was more surprised than me!), and phantom banana-muncher, all put paid to our plans for some hawaiian-style holiday fun, well some of our plans.

I’d decided we would have a go at making watermelon sea turtles and try a great new recipe for banana and coconut bread.

Understandably, after suffering a mummy who was suffering all morning, then losing a couple of hours at the dentist, all Mook and Lulu really wanted to do this afternoon was play hide-and-seek in the park.  After the park, and the inevitable trip to the supermarket (or two) we eventually returned home, just before teatime, to start our holiday fun.

So, Coconut and Banana bread – we had scoured the shelves in search of the most unusual ingredient on the list – coconut oil.  To my amazement, and some cost, we found it at our second supermarket.  Confident we had all the other ingredients, I sent the girls to wash their hands.  Wait a minute! Where were my bananas?

A phone call to hubby at work and the mystery was solved (to add insult to injury he informs me he was eating one of the stolen bananas while talking to me on the phone!).

Okay, watermelon sea turtles it is then…

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Breadstick turns into Lightsaber – Jedi mind trick?

ImageWell, my lightsabers do not have the menacing hum, impressive glow and, thankfully, the power to shear someone in half, but the ooh’s, awesome’s and cool’s they received suggested that the white chocolate and glittery sugar had worked some kind of magic at our Star Wars themed party.

If you would like to try making breadstick lightsabers, here’s how I did it.

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Pop-up gazebo, …

Pop-up gazebo, bunting, barbeque and the easy company of old friends – perfect day!

Mook & Lulu’s – 20th July 2013

Girls Star Wars Themed Sleepover – The Dessert Table

ImageLooking for inspiration for a Girls Star Wars Themed Party?

We had a great time dreaming up some fun ideas for the dessert table for Mook’s Star Wars Sleepover. Blue is Mook’s favourite colour so we designed her party around a blue, white, silver and stars  theme – perfect for a little girl!

After the inter-galactic pizza and Millennium Falcon nibbles – served on a large round silver platter – the children couldn’t wait to attack the dessert table.

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Parasol Party Backdrop

This is a great idea for a simple party backdrop – love it!

Master Plan Events

bright and beautiful backdrop that can be used for birthday parties, photobooths, showers etc.

DIY-parasol-backdropSubtle Revelry

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Mook’s Star Wars Themed Birthday Cake

Hello again, sorry it’s been a while.

Mook’s birthday and her Star Wars Themed Sleepover have kept me rather busy of the past week, but I’m really delighted to say that all the hard work paid off and Mook proclaimed her sleepover party to be the ‘best ever’ – high praise indeed!

Mook has always favoured things that might be considered quite unusual for a young girl – for three years running I had to create Postman Pat cakes, all different – so it came as no great surprise to hear that this year she wanted a Star Wars themed birthday party.  As a Star Wars fan *whispered* it was certainly more appealing to me than Postman Pat, but after scouring the web, and Pinterest, for inspiration for the cake I instead decided to simplify the design down to a blue and white star cake.  I left a space on the front to place her favourite Star Wars character figure, and as blue is Mook’s favourite colour it was, fortunately, a big hit.


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Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to Mook & Lulu’s blog. Thank you for having a look.

I’m Sam and I’m a busy working mum to two beautiful young girls – Mook and Lulu, well Mook and Lulu are our nicknames for our daughters, but they are the inspiration behind this blog and so Mook and Lulu’s was the clear winner in naming the blog.

Mook is nearly seven and Lulu is five so in recent years I have delighted in creating magical birthday parties for my girls. I have also created themed children’s events as part of my working life and I love every minute of that aspect of my work.

Designing my party styling and figuring out how to transform my ideas into reality often releases the child in me, and I find it a fabulously gratifying outlet for my creative skills. In this blog I will share my experiences, top tips and suggestions for planning children’s parties, but I will also try out new ideas (think of me as a party guinea-pig!) and  I hope that it will inspire you to try something new for your children’s events.

Kids parties have come a long way from the ‘jelly-and-ice-cream’ chapter of my childhood, and parents can feel under pressure to pull out all the stops, but I believe a few simple ideas can produce enchanting results – you can have a part in making a memorable event, and you might find it quite good fun too!

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