Girls Star Wars Themed Sleepover – The Dessert Table

ImageLooking for inspiration for a Girls Star Wars Themed Party?

We had a great time dreaming up some fun ideas for the dessert table for Mook’s Star Wars Sleepover. Blue is Mook’s favourite colour so we designed her party around a blue, white, silver and stars  theme – perfect for a little girl!

After the inter-galactic pizza and Millennium Falcon nibbles – served on a large round silver platter – the children couldn’t wait to attack the dessert table.

ImageThe lightsabers (breadsticks half covered in white chocolate and the coated with blue glittery sugar) proved to be a big hit with a lot of ‘they’re awesome’s.

Amidala’s Jewels very quickly disappeared from the table, closely followed by the Wookie Cupcakes.

Hans Rolos suffered a little in the heat, but the children didn’t seem to mind that they had melted a bit.

White chocolate milk was decanted into presentation bottles with blue spotty paper straws and renamed Bantha Milk – to wash down all the sugar!

I’m not sure if it was the heat or the fact that the kids were on a crazy sugar rush that kept them up very late that night – but the number of ‘cool’s and ‘awesome’s chalked up suggested they all had a pretty good time.


  •   White chocolate Lightsabers
  • Amidala’s Jewels
  • Shooting Star Cupcakes

Do you have any Star Wars inspired food that you would like to share?


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