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Birthday Treat – Biscuiteers Icing Class!


Advent Biscuits – the results of an icing masterclass at Biscuiteers

What a difference a week makes! I am once again mobile (for the most part) and so I took the chance to spoil myself for my birthday and booked onto an masterclass at the phenomenal Biscuiteers Icing Cafe.

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Children In Need – a time to think of others…

It’s been an interesting week…

Things have been a little chaotic at home this week.  First, I was knocked sideways by head cold of man-flu proportions *sniffle*, I was then (almost literally) knocked off my feet by a partial rupture of my Achilles tendon *sob*.

I was told to rest – perfect.  Except this is not easy with two small children. Plus, it is amazing how even the simplest of tasks are frustratingly difficult when you’re struggling to walk, let alone drive. Needless to say my family and friends have rallied round and everyone got to where they should be, when they should be, more or less.

This week has not been easy, but each year, around this time, Children In Need reminds us that there are people dealing with much bigger problems than the trifling difficulties we’ve encountered this week.

I’ve not been able to do much myself for Children In Need this year, bar bundle the kids off to school with a charitable donation, but I’ve taken a quiet moment to curate a Pinterest board of some of the great things others have done in aid of this great charity.  Might be useful for inspiration next year…


Why not have a look at our Pinterest board here for more ideas.

Bonfire Night – Rocket Cupcakes!

Bonfire Night - Rocket Cupcakes

Bonfire Night – Rocket Cupcakes

We went to an organised Firework display at our local fire station on Saturday, it was fantastic! –  so here’s a huge thank you to the organisers at Middlemoor Fire Station, Exeter.

A Saturday night firework display was a good option for us, as Mook and Lulu don’t cope well with staying up late on a school night…so it was bed time as usual this evening.

Don’t worry, we’re not total killjoys! We’re shifting our bonfire night back to Friday, but as a concession to ‘no fireworks on November the 5th’ I made these Rocket Cupcakes for Mook and Lulu – fortunately, it worked a treat!

Here’s how to make Rocket Cupcakes..

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