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Halloween Cookie Short

We thought we’d have a bit of fun with our Halloween Cookies – here are the results!


Happy Halloween!


Love and biscuits

Love and biscuits

Must be love… we iced cookies all day yesterday!


Valentine’s – Love and Biscuits x

Video short of our iced cookies

Halloween Photos on Facebook

Halloween Photos on Facebook

Why not have a look at our Facebook page for more photos of our Halloween Party?


Let’s get Spooky! – Halloween Party Ideas


Halloween Party Food!

The weather’s turning spooky – the southwest is due to be hit by the ‘perfect storm’.  Halloween is almost upon us so we thought we’d share some of our ghostly creations for your Halloween Parties. Continue reading

Remember the summer?

ImageThose balmy summer days seem so long ago now don’t they?  The fluffy slipper boots that have been lurking under the bed for the past few months have been dragged out and slapped on.  The wardobe of floaty summer dresses has been replaced by snuggly jumpers and winter boots. The mornings fresh with the promise of a glorious day, have made way for mornings of grey murk and the hope for a glimpse of sunshine, so we thought we’d share a few photos of our Last Days of Summer party to inspire a warm glow as you contemplate switching the heating on.

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Pizza Board Flip-Flops!


Don’t throw your pizza backing boards away

– turn them into decorative flip-flops with the kids!

There are days, particularly when we’ve all been busy at school or work, when I just need something quick and easy for the kids to eat. On days such as these, I have been know to give them *whisper* shop-bought pizza.

Often these pizzas come with a polystyrene backing board, which my local council is unable to recycle. I find these perfect little white circles quite endearing and it seems such a shame to throw them in the bin. So over several years…ahem, months I’ve collected quite a few.

I’ve recently come up with the idea to use these polystyrene discs to create delightful decorative flip-flops, complete with tread on the bottom.  They’re so easy and fun to make and make a great project to do with your children, or (if like me, you have quite a few of them) this would be a lovely activity for a party.

Here’s how we made Pizza Board Flip-Flops

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Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to Mook & Lulu’s blog. Thank you for having a look.

I’m Sam and I’m a busy working mum to two beautiful young girls – Mook and Lulu, well Mook and Lulu are our nicknames for our daughters, but they are the inspiration behind this blog and so Mook and Lulu’s was the clear winner in naming the blog.

Mook is nearly seven and Lulu is five so in recent years I have delighted in creating magical birthday parties for my girls. I have also created themed children’s events as part of my working life and I love every minute of that aspect of my work.

Designing my party styling and figuring out how to transform my ideas into reality often releases the child in me, and I find it a fabulously gratifying outlet for my creative skills. In this blog I will share my experiences, top tips and suggestions for planning children’s parties, but I will also try out new ideas (think of me as a party guinea-pig!) and  I hope that it will inspire you to try something new for your children’s events.

Kids parties have come a long way from the ‘jelly-and-ice-cream’ chapter of my childhood, and parents can feel under pressure to pull out all the stops, but I believe a few simple ideas can produce enchanting results – you can have a part in making a memorable event, and you might find it quite good fun too!

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