Pizza Board Flip-Flops!


Don’t throw your pizza backing boards away

– turn them into decorative flip-flops with the kids!

There are days, particularly when we’ve all been busy at school or work, when I just need something quick and easy for the kids to eat. On days such as these, I have been know to give them *whisper* shop-bought pizza.

Often these pizzas come with a polystyrene backing board, which my local council is unable to recycle. I find these perfect little white circles quite endearing and it seems such a shame to throw them in the bin. So over several years…ahem, months I’ve collected quite a few.

I’ve recently come up with the idea to use these polystyrene discs to create delightful decorative flip-flops, complete with tread on the bottom.  They’re so easy and fun to make and make a great project to do with your children, or (if like me, you have quite a few of them) this would be a lovely activity for a party.

Here’s how we made Pizza Board Flip-Flops

You will need:Image

  • A pair of children’s flip-flops to draw around (or draw your own flip-flop base)
  • One polystyrene pizza board base per pair of flip-flops
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pen
  • Some felt tip pens or coloured permanent markers
  • Some split pins
  • Ribbon (to match your designs)

What To Do

  • Draw around the children’s flip-flops on the polystyrene board
  • Cut out the shapes



  • Now for the fun part – decorate your flip-flops! (We used some rather lovely coloured permanent markers, which worked very well and gave a super shiny finish)
  • ImageMeasure two lengths of ribbon to make the flip-flop straps – don’t forget to use more ribbon than the distance requires, so that you can make a ‘hump’ in the straps
  • Make a hole in both ends of both pieces of ribbon *Top Tip* Fold a centimetre or so of ribbon down from the end and make a small ‘snip’ in the middle of the fold. Unfold and there you have a perfect hole for your split pins
  • ImagePlace one end of both pieces of ribbon together and push a split pin through the holes. Push the split pin through the flip-flops to make the toe-hold
  • Repeat with the other ends of the ribbons to complete the strap – remember to create a ‘hump’ by pinning the ends at a shorter distance than the length of the ribbon

Your flip-flops are finished!

Though you could add a piece of string or ribbon to create a hanging hook if you want to use them as a decoration.


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