Halloween Recipes – Dead Man Fingers!


Dead Man Fingers – Carrot sticks!

Looking for something quick, easy and healthy to put on the Halloween Table?  Why not try our Dead Man Fingers!

To ease my parental guilt at all the sugar-laden treats on the Halloween table, we often have a tub of Dead Man Fingers lurking at the back – and surprisingly, after all the sugary treats, the kids often happily munch on them.

To make your Dead Man Fingers, you will need:

  • carrots
  • flaked almonds (unbroken)
  • a tub of cress
  • a packet of Oreos (optional)

To Make Your ‘Fingers’

Simply select as many carrots as you need fingers, wash them and trim off any ropey bits.

Shape the fingers as required – this usually is a matter of cutting off any pointy tips

Make a slice in the top of your carrot, and slide a flaked almond into the cut to make a finger nail

Stand in your tub of cress

Repeat as necessary

If you would like to stand your Dead Man Fingers in some ‘dirt’ then blitz a packet of Chocolate Creme Oreos in a food processor, or place in a food bag and smash into crumbs with a rolling pin.  The Oreo crumbs look amazingly like dirt.  Sprinkle the dirt over the cress, or stand the fingers in a tub of the Oreo crumbs.

To add some final touches, you could paint red food colouring at the base of the almonds, and if you prefer to peel your carrots, then you could take the time to carve some finger joints into the carrots with a small knife.

This is such a simple idea, but it always gets a great response from children.

Let us know how your Dead Man Fingers work out.



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