Bonfire Night – Rocket Cupcakes!

Bonfire Night - Rocket Cupcakes

Bonfire Night – Rocket Cupcakes

We went to an organised Firework display at our local fire station on Saturday, it was fantastic! –  so here’s a huge thank you to the organisers at Middlemoor Fire Station, Exeter.

A Saturday night firework display was a good option for us, as Mook and Lulu don’t cope well with staying up late on a school night…so it was bed time as usual this evening.

Don’t worry, we’re not total killjoys! We’re shifting our bonfire night back to Friday, but as a concession to ‘no fireworks on November the 5th’ I made these Rocket Cupcakes for Mook and Lulu – fortunately, it worked a treat!

Here’s how to make Rocket Cupcakes..

You will need:

  • Cupcakes – either shop-bought or homemade
  • Frosting to match the flavour of your cupcakes (I made chocolate cupcakes and chocolate fudge icing)
  • Three toothpicks per cupcake
  • Assorted colours of ready-to-roll icing (I used a Dr Oetkers Regal-Ice)
  • Glitter sugar or some other sparkly sugar decoration (I used Bronze Crunch from Waitrose)


How to make Rocket Cupcakes

  1. Cover your cupcakes in your chosen frosting, sprinkle with your glittery decoration and set aside.
  2. Snip small amounts of coloured icing from the packets of ready-to-roll icing. Gently roll them on a hard surface to make a long, thin, rounded shape and push a toothpick through the middle.  Remember to leave enough ‘stick’ at the top to add your rocket’s top.
  3. Make a small ball, about the size of a hazelnut, in a contrasting colour. Using your finger, gently roll one side of the ball to make a cone with a fat, rounded end.  Using a sharp knife, cut the rounded end off and reshape the cut end.
  4. Place your rocket top on the end of your covered toothpick.
  5. Repeat until you have at least three rockets for each cupcake.
  6. Position your rockets so that they are sticking out of your cupcakes at an angle.
  7. Enjoy!


Did you venture out this Guy Fawkes Night?


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